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Best Transformers Toys 2020 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Okay, we can’t deny the fact that Transformers are pretty cool. Especially to a kid!

Think about it:

Cars driving down the street that at the drop of a hat turn into a giant, crime-fighting robot. There really isn’t anything much cooler.

Thankfully, aside from the movie, there have been many spinoffs that can entertain your kids for hours, including toys, costumes, board games, room decorations, and more.

The list could truly go on forever.

Lucky for you, we’ve found the best Transformers toys out there today and have compiled a list. While most of them are definitely action figures, we’ve included a decent number of other toys that your child will absolutely love. Most toys are perfect for all ages, but there are also some at either end of the age spectrum that will suit your toddler or older children.

Anyway – what are you waiting for?

Check out the products below for the absolute best Transformers toys out on the market today.

The 16 Absolute Best Transformers Toys For 2020

Before we take a look at each detailed review, let’s get an overview of exactly what we’ll be reviewing.

Perfect! Now let’s get into each of the product reviews.


Energize Heatwave the Fire-Bot Figure – Great For Young Kids



First up on our list is one of our favorite Transformers:

Heatwave! If your child also loves firetrucks then this is a win-win scenario for you.

The Energize Heatwave Fire-Bot Figure from Hasbro is definitely geared more towards toddlers so keep that in mind when purchasing this.

This easily goes from firetruck to Heatwave in a matter of seconds.

It even has a water cannon that Heatwave holds when he’s in robot mode.

The gun still attaches to the truck when it’s firetruck mode as well.

This is super light, easy to transform, and makes for a perfect addition to any early-ages Transformers collection.

It is a bit small in comparison to other action figures, but that’s actually not a bad thing considering it’s meant for younger kids.

This is one of the best transformer toys for 4 year olds.

It’s also not carried in just every store so not every child will have the same exact toy.

Heatwave is the perfect addition or the perfect start to any Transformers collection.

It does not disappoint!



  • Easy to transport
  • Not carried everywhere so not everyone will have it


  • Smaller than a lot of other action figures

Check Price on Amazon2

Robots in Disguise Combiner Force Team – Combines to Giant Action Figure



Perhaps you’re after something a bit more….


Don’t worry – we got you.

This list will have some action figures for toddlers and younger kids but we’ve made sure to include plenty that are for all ages or even a slightly older demographic.

With this Transformers action figure, there are actually four separate figures that combine to form the Ultra Bee Combiner figure!

It’s super easy, too.

All you have to do is click to combine the figures in one simple step.

Included with this set is:

Bumblebee figure, Sideswipe figure, Strongram figure, Grimlock figure, one sword accessory, and even some instructions if you find yourself getting lost.

We are in love with this combined action figure.

Each figure alone isn’t powerful enough to defeat the forces of evil,

But when they combine forces and work together,

Absolutely nothing can stand in their way.

Note: while this is recommended for all ages, there are some smaller parts so we don’t necessarily recommend it for extremely young children.

All in all, though, a great-looking toy that also feels very solid.

It’s nicely made and works great as a gift for any child (or adult!) who loves Transformers.



  • Combines into one giant action figure
  • Solid build


  • Has smaller parts so not recommended for young children

Check Price on Amazon3

Optimus Prime Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals – Perfect For Decorating Bedrooms



Okay okay, we know what you’re thinking…

This is a wall decal.

We know.

But we just couldn’t resist!

And after seeing it, we knew you wouldn’t be able to either.

Is your child obsessed with Transformers but maybe you’ve just run out of action figures to purchase?

Or maybe they’re so obsessed they want a Transformers-themed bedroom.

You have the stuffed animals.

You have the comforter set.

You even have the Transformers toy box filled to the brim with action figures.

So, what’s next?

A giant Optimus Prime Peel and Stick Wall Decal, naturally!

It’s pretty big too – it’s 23.5” wide and 40” tall.

The colors are vibrant, the quality is good, and all the details are extremely sharp.

And of course, it features arguably the most popular Transformer of all time:

Optimus Prime!

It is a bit tricky to put on because of its size and because of that, it can be easy to put a small tear in it if you’re not careful.

But just be careful, and your child will have a great addition to their room keeping them safe at night.



  • Vibrant colors
  • Realistic looking
  • Very large


  • Difficult to put on, can rip easily

Check Price on Amazon4

Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Rescue Team – Transforms In One Step



Looking for more than just one action figure?

Will purchasing the Heatwave action figure just make your child want the rest?

Want to save yourself a second order on Amazon?

Look no further.

Purchase the Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Rescue Team!

What exactly does this set include?

Boulder the construction-bot.

Blades the fight-bot.

Heatwave the fire-bot.

And lastly, Chase the police-bot.

Each figure is about 4.5 inches high, which isn’t too bad. Definitely not the biggest in the world, but it makes them easy to store and transport.

You can easily transform each of them from vehicle mode to bot mode in one easy step.

This set is perfect for younger kids – think ages three to six.

One thing that we should note – this is a set but they do not fit altogether to form one transformer, like some of the other sets out there.

With all the bots working together, this is a great way to teach your child teamwork.

Another underrated feature of action figures:

It also helps to expand your child’s imagination!

If your toddler loves Transformers, they will be in love with this action figure set.



  • Teaches imagination and teamwork
  • Super easy to transform each individual action figure


  • Can be a little complicated combining all the action figures

Check Price on Amazon5

Rescue Bots Blades the Copter-Bot Action Figure – Perfect For Under 6 Year Olds



Up next is a Transformer that we have yet to see on this list.

We have Blades the Copter-Bot, who is arguably one of the cooler Transformers out there.

What’s cooler than a car transforming into a robot?

A helicopter transforming into a robot.

Okay – so they’re both pretty cool.

Let’s just call it a tie.

Anyway, there’s no denying how cool this copter bot is.

This is geared towards younger kids and is about 6.5 inches high, perfect for smaller hands.

The figure also holds his rescue hook so he’s able to swing from building to building or even pick things up.

The one downside with Blades the Copter-Bot versus some of the other bots?

The other action figures in this same category can be transformed in just one motion so it’s a bit more impressive.

With this one however, it’s a bit more of a process.

Well maybe not for adults, but it can be a little bit tricky for smaller hands.

You have to twist the knob above the blade which can take a couple of motions.

This isn’t really a big deal or something to prevent you from purchasing it, but just something to note if you’re expecting a dramatic transformation like some of the other figures.



  • Great size for smaller hands
  • Feels very sturdy, can definitely take a beating


  • A little bit tricky to transform

Check Price on Amazon6

Titans Return Soundwave and Soundblaster – Perfect For Playing and Collecting



We have arguably one of the coolest Transformers action figures up next:

The Soundwave and Soundblaster!

He is one of the coolest because he can easily steal signals from any other Transformer without being detected whatsoever.

When he unites with a bot, all he has to do is drop a backdoor code into the bot’s systems which then gives Soundwave a way in.

This bot comes in three different battle modes – robot, boom box, and battle station. Each one is more treacherous than the last.

It converts from robot to boombox in 19 steps and then from boombox to battle station in 12 steps.

This little guy is great for all ages and will impress even some of the more seasoned collectors out there.

It’s over 12 inches tall and feels extremely sturdy. If things get intense during battle and you accidentally drop Soundwave, no worries. He’ll be able to withstand a beating or two.

He also works well and connects with a lot of other action figures (that aren’t included), so if you do have a bit of a collection, this is the perfect addition.

Like we mentioned, it does take a bit of work to transform between modes so if you have a really young child, this might not be the toy for them.



  • Has 3 different modes
  • Over 12 inches tall
  • Combines with a lot of other action figures


  • A little bit pricey

Check Price on Amazon7

Rescue Bots Energize Bumblebee – Really Sturdy



Looking for something that’s a little bit more suited for younger kids?

Look no further than the Rescue Bots Energize Bumblebee.

This is a Transformers toy that is perfect for the younger age group and will provide hours and hours of playtime.

This is much easier to convert from robot mode to vehicle mode and back again than the previous action figure.

When in robot mode, Bumblebee will actually hold his jackhammer and in vehicle mode, it attaches to the hood of the car for a sleek robotic look.

This is specifically made for smaller hands so your toddler will feel right at home when playing with this.

It works seamlessly with any other Rescue Bots Energize action figures and if you collect them all, you’ll be able to make an even bigger bot!

Since this is specifically made for younger kids, that means it needs to be also specifically made to take a beating.

And it can definitely take a beating.

We really don’t have much to complain about with this Bumblebee action figure and just know it’ll provide hours of fun for any Transformers-loving toddler.



  • Can drop it multiple times without breaking
  • Colors look cool


  • Not great for older kids

Check Price on Amazon8

Titans Return Megatron and Doomshot – Transforms Into Two Robots



Want to know what our favorite type of action figure is?

The one that can transform into not only one other form, but two!

This Titans Return Megatron and Doomshot will do exactly that.

This guy features robot mode, tank mode, and jet mode.

It does take quite a bit of work to transform from robot to tank mode and will take you about 16 separate steps.

But hey, we say that’s half the fun of owning a Transformers action figure.

This is perfect for not only those who want a decent action figure to play with, but it looks good on any shelf as a collectible as well.

He will also link with any of the Titans Return Fortress Maximus figures, which are of course all sold separately.

All in all, this is easily one of the more impressive Transformers action figures out there.

It looks so realistic that you’ll be worried he’ll get off your shelf and transform into an actual robot at any minute.

This is the perfect gift for children and adult Transformers lovers alike.

You seriously cannot go wrong with this.

The one downside? Of course, the price.



  • Transforms into two different robts
  • Great for collecting or as action figure
  • Includes collector’s card


  • Very expensive

Check Price on Amazon9

Mallya Bus Change into Fighter Robot – Best Transformers Toys For 5 Year Olds



One thing that we can be sure about with Transformers:

Transformers lovers come in all ages, that we know.

That’s exactly why we’ve tried to include a variety of toys that will appeal to everybody from grown adults with jobs at banks, all the way down to toddlers who are just becoming interested.

Anyway, this toy is for toddlers.

Unless of course, you’re really just a child at heart.

In that case, we absolutely won’t judge.

This toy is sturdy and durable and made specifically for little hands to be able to control it.

It’s also super easy to transform and within one step, you can easily go from bus to robot.

The colors look vibrant on this bus and are sure to incite any child’s imagination.

It is a bit smaller than some of the other toys in this class so might not look as impressive when stacked up against some of the other action figures.

But on the flip side, it helps it to be more manageable for smaller hands.

Overall a classic that’s a good addition to a collection or a great start to any new collection.



  • Perfect for toddlers
  • Colors are very vibrant


  • Smaller than a lot of other action figures
  • Expensive for the size

Check Price on Amazon10

Combiner Wars Voyager Class Motormaster – Good For Collecting and Playing



Let’s face it.

This thing looks a bit…. scary.

If you bring this to battle, you’ll be sure to scare off your enemies within minutes.

Even when not in robot mode, the truck looks intimidating and like it’s ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

This is a nice middle ground between the extremely tiny action figures meant for toddlers, and the larger more complicated ones that might be too difficult to figure out.

This will transform from truck to bot in only about 10 steps – not too shabby.

You can also combine this Motormaster with other figures (of course, sold separately), to form the ultimate Menasor figure.

This Voyager Class action figure includes, of course, the figure but a collector’s card as well to tell you exactly what you have.

This is one of those that’s great as a toy, but will also look great on the shelf as a collectible.

It also works better when combined with the other figures to make the ultimate, undefeatable, massive Menasor figure.

All in all?

We’re very impressed with the quality, details, and build of this figure.



  • Very detailed
  • Quite large
  • Solid build


  • Pricey

Check Price on Amazon11

Energize Boulder the Construction-Bot Figure – Another Great Option For Toddlers



Boulder the Construction Bot is up next in our eclectic lineup of Transformers toys!

This is another easy-to-transform bot that will provide hours and hours of playtime for your toddler.

The bulldozer part of the Construction bot actually turns into the feet, giving it a stable ground to stand on.

This is definitely one of the easier bots to transform and will be absolutely no trouble for the little Transformer lover in your life.

One thing to note is that this isn’t necessarily the biggest action figure out there and only stands about five inches tall.

While it is small, it is still mighty.

This will hold up to the roughest of rough play that your child may put it through.

Smashing through enemies?

Not a problem.

Took a tumble from a high-up building?

Not to worry – Energize Boulder the Construction-Bot Figure will remain intact and ready to fight crime. This is easily one of the best Transformers toys for 5-year-olds.



  • Sturdy build
  • Perfect size for small hands


  • A bit expensive when compared to similar figures

Check Price on Amazon12

Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet – Perfect Addition to Any Costume



Sick of all the action figures?

Or perhaps your child has every single action figure imaginable.

Or maybe they just don’t really like action figures and would prefer something a little bit more hands on.

Whatever the reason, and it’s not like you even need one, you’ll be happy you bought this Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet.

As you can probably tell from the title, this helmet does just what it says.

It will actually make anything that you say sound just like Optimus Prime.

In the midst of battle and don’t know what to say?

Or maybe you want some of the classic lines from Optimus Prime.

No problem!

This voice-changing helmet comes preloaded with 21 button-activated phrases ready to go at the press of a button.

Don’t forget the one key element when buying something electronic, however:

The batteries!

This little guy does require 3 AA batteries that are not included, so make sure you have some lying around the house before you gift it to your favorite Transformers fan.



  • Will change anything you say into Optimus Prime voice
  • Comes preloaded with sayings as well
  • Detailed desgin


  • Doesn’t come with batteries

Check Price on Amazon13

SainSmart Jr. Transformation Toy Car – Editor’s Pick!



Alright, things are getting real now.

We’re graduating from the action figure world to some toys that are a bit more… interactive.

And interactive this toy car is.

Of course, it works as a traditional toy car but then at the touch of one button:

It will transform straight into a robot!

So you can control it with the remote control and with the press of a button, it will instantly transform into a robot.

Pretty neat, huh?

It has LED headlights that are designed to last for hours and hours of play as well as an extremely strong remote control that will give you control up to 120 feet away!

Not too shabby if you ask us.

They also provide a 45-day money-back guarantee as well as an 18-month warranty.

You know for sure that SainSmart is standing behind their product.

One thing we don’t love about this car is the charging time.

It takes about an hour to fully charge and then will only last you about 20-30 minutes.

As long as your expectations are set, then everything should be just fine.



  • Transforms at the press of a button
  • Decent price
  • Has LED headlights
  • Looks cool


  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Takes a long time to charge

Check Price on Amazon14

Age of Extinction Bumblebee Child Gloves – Great Addition to Toddler’s Costume



Going back to the theme of actually transforming yourself into a Transformers, we’ve decided to include these Age of Extinction Bumblebee Child Gloves.

These work as a great gift, costume, or even party favor for all the guests at your child’s birthday party to feel like a real transformer.

These are fun, colorful, and will seriously make your child feel like Bumblebee.

A couple of things to note about these gloves.

They are meant for smaller hands so larger children might not fit.

Yes, they are a bit stretchy.

But they won’t stretch into a crazy size.

They also aren’t meant to really provide any warmth.

If you’re looking for something to double as a costume and winter gloves, then this probably isn’t the product for you.

They are, however, a great addition to any full Bumblebee costume that your child might have.

Whatever the reason, your kid will feel like a real Bumblebee Transformer and will really allow their imagination to run wild.



  • Looks cool
  • Good addition to another costume


  • Don’t stretch for size that much
  • Don’t provide any warmth

Check Price on Amazon15

Connect4: Transformers – Perfect For All Ages



As we come to the end of our list of the best Transformers toys 2017, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit.

Enough of the action figures and costumes, we are including Transformers-themed board games!

And what board game is more classic than Connect4?

This is a timeless game that children and adults have fun playing.

It’s the perfect way to teach your child some critical thinking skills, all while they get to play with their favorite characters from Transformers.

In a head-to-head battle, the Autobots and Decepticons will face off and only the strong will survive.

There is one tiny downside to this, however.

See the faces on the actual checkers?

Unfortunately, those are all stickers.

And double, unfortunately, they do not come already attached.

So upon arrival, you will definitely have to spend a bit of time attaching them so it will feel like a true Transformers game.

But after that, you’ll be good to go for the rest of the time.

We love this because, in addition to stoking your child’s imagination, it will teach them critical thinking and problem-solving skills!



  • Appeals to all ages
  • Teaches critical thinking


  • Have to apply each sticker to each piece manually

Check Price on Amazon16

Transformers Robot Fighters Game – New Take on a Classic



Last up on our list is a new take on another classic game:

Robot Fighters!

In this version, Optimus Prime goes up against Megatron in the ultimate face-to-face battle.

This, of course, is designed to take a beating as the action figures will literally be beating each other up.

This is entertaining enough for older kids but has small enough parts that make it easy for younger children to use.

In order to win, you have to knock your opponent off the base.

It’s been reported that the strike zone, however, is quite small so it can be difficult for younger kids to aim perfectly to knock off the opponent.

Overall though this is a great toy for those who like a little bit more action and hands-on fun.



  • Good for older and younger kids
  • Hands on action


  • Parts can break easily if you’re too rough

Check Price on Amazon

Best Transformers Toys – Buyer’s Guide


We’ll make this one short.

After all, what Transformers toy you buy is ultimately going to depend on the child.

With that being said, there are still a couple things you should take into consideration when purchasing a Transformers toy, whether it be a gift or even for yourself!


Seems obvious, but of course each toy has some sort of age recommendation. We included a good number of toys that are specifically made for toddlers, so make sure to check.

On the flip side, the toys not meant for toddlers might be too big for their hands or too complicated.

Kind of Toy

Another one that may seem obvious but what kind are you looking for?

An action figure? Something battery powered? Or maybe a board game?

There’s a huge range of Transformers toys out there so if you’re sick of action figures, don’t be afraid to look around!

There are tons of options out there to choose from.


Will the toy require a lot of assembly?

This shouldn’t necessarily be a make or break factor, but if you hate putting things together, this is definitely something to keep in mind.


If you’re looking for a toy that’s more for collecting than playing, then make sure you take a close look.

Some will even come with trading cards and are in different ‘classes’ to help you determine their value.

Note: most collectible toys are going to be in the action figure category.


Okay so after all this Transformers talk, which one are we going to crown the best Transformers toy 2017?

We’ve seen a lot of great candidates but we think we’ve found the one that will take the cake.

We have to go with the SainSmart Jr. Transformation Toy Car!

This has been crowned the best Transformers toy 2017 for a couple different reasons.

First, it takes it beyond the typical transforming action figure and you actually have a remote-control car that you can play with.

Pretty cool. It really brings the Transformer to life and makes it feel extremely realistic.

You of course still get the transforming action with the press of a button, but you also get to drive it around which we absolutely love.

You can’t really go wrong with any of these toys but this toy car just might be one of the best Transformers toys of all time.

Thanks for reading, everyone! We hope we’ve guided you to the perfect Transformers toys.

Until next time.

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